About Me

Nadya Shevtsova

Photographer & Retoucher

My name is Nadya. I am a professional photographer and photo editor who specializes in beauty, art and fashion photography located in Brisbane.

My journey in photography began when I was looking for a wedding photographer for my own wedding. We interviewed many before we found a professional whose photos just blew my mind! They were so original, and yet organic, alive, and moving. They grabbed your soul and did not let go off of it. That was the moment I heard my calling. My wedding photographer became my teacher and my mentor.

Throughout the years I studied various techniques to perfect my skills; learned about different types of professional cameras and lighting sets; studied composition and light, and editing at the final stages of production. My background in software development and math science allowed me to pay meticulous attention to detail which resulted in achievement of professional, high-quality pictures from the technical aspect of the art. Simultaneously, my creativity and the ability to envision the end result made my works original, alive, and artistic.

I love capturing the beautiful moments that otherwise could have been forgotten.